Address List / Farm List / Spreadsheet Template and Information

Address List / Farm List / Spreadsheet Template and Information

Click here for our address list template

Notes about our template

  • We only use CSV files for addressing since csv files removes erroneous formatting. Check your CSV file before sending it to us as extra returns or spreadsheets will not show up correctly.
  • We have extra fields since you can use this template to upload a large address list for UPS/ Fedex/ USPS package shipping as well.
  • If you'd like us to use a specific font, please send it along with your list. 


  • If you want to see a postcard/envelope shipped to your address, put your address in your address list.
  • If you're using a file you have already, convert it to CSV before sending it to us so you can make sure your addresses will load properly. XLS files incorrectly formatted will cause delays. Nonstop Printing does not fix database.
  • If you'd like us to use a specific font, please send it along with your list. 
  • Make sure you have room on your mailing piece for an address. Click for usps spacing requirements.

Explaining the columns in our template

  • Name / Company - Required. Use the name if no company is listed.
  • Attention - Optional. Typically used if Company column is used.
  • Phone - Optional 
  • Address - Required. Place street address here.
  • Address 2 - Optional. This can be used for suite number etc.
  • City - Required
  • State - Required
  • Zip Code - Required
  • R - Optional. This is used to determine if the address is a residential address vs a commercial address. If the address listed is a residential address, place a capital "Y" in the column. This helps determine a more accurate cost for shipping packages as it costs more to ship to a residential address.
  • Email - Optional. Used for shipping fedex packages.
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