Art Center Products in PrintIQ

Art Center Products in PrintIQ

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Signature Printing Notes

This is for students that are printing with us and sending the binding out to a premium book binder like A1 Bookbinding in Downtown LA.

Narrative Imaging Class Notes

This is for the Narrative class. You can only adjust page count and turnaround time for this. Since all students have to have the same specs, we’re able to discount because we’ll run all students at one time unless you pay for rush.

Printing Only - Single Pages for Perfect Binding

This is for students that are printing interior book blocks with us and then taking those book blocks on campus to use the perfect binding machine there. We will trim these book blocks to the final trim size as instructed by Professor Cheri. Nonstop Printing can bind up to 12x12 books with our perfect binder. If you'd like us to bind, then go to our "Perfect Bound" product instead of this one. (**not set up yet. Reach out to our team to quote this one manually).

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