Color Swatch Creator

Color Swatch Creator

Use this as a quick template to input different colors. Export it as a PDF when complete and we can print this so anyone is able to see the actual output on any of our digital presses.

There are several features of this color swatch chart:

  1. organized grid so it's easy to fill boxes
  2. labeling so it's easy to select final color desiired
  3. ability to add a silver underlay. Can modify color to change it to white underlay.
    1. Underlay is on top for file purposes. Attribute set to "overprint fill" so that the all the art under the color will print as well. When we print, the silver/white will actually print first and then the color will print on top. In separations preview, this SHOULD look really weird.
  4. Tons of swatches added as a good starting point so it's less intimidating.
How to do minimal steps of color
If you have a very particular color that you need to match, you want to create several swatches that have small increments of change so that we just print one sheet and you choose the color you want. To do that:
  1. Put the color you want in one box
  2. Click on the next box below or to the right, select the "fill" color option. (
  3. use the eyedropper tool to select the previous color and it'll copy the color into your new box
  4. adjust the color by going to the swatch area and changing C,M,Y, or K a few numbers down or up.
  5. Check the difference in color.
    Note: Know that the color on screen will not match the printed piece. We will print a sheet and see how close we get. Also know that color can change depending on the context of other colors and that the color will shift slightly day by day and even over the print run. This is because we use digital printing. If you want to have a color stay more consistent, then you'll need to print offset or use a pantone color which will typically cost significantly more.

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