Everything you need to know about ordering custom books

Everything you need to know about ordering custom books

We love books! We feel this is one our strongest areas since we have so many different machines to make your project unique. Here are a few options that separate us from others:

  • Custom sizes.
  • Ability to print with either matte or glossy ink.
  • Ability to dial in color since we do not batch print custom book orders.
  • Digital foiling on covers or interior pages.
  • Raised spot textures on covers or interior pages.
  • Different lamination options like matte soft touch, matte scuff resistant, glossy.
  • A hard copy proof is included when you place an order.
  • Creating book sleeves.
  • Quick turnarounds without sacrificing quality.
  • Ability to talk to someone about your book project.

What program do we recommend to create your custom book?

InDesign. No other program has the flexibility and online resources to help you learn how to make book and print layouts. 

What file format is best for books?

Multipage PDF documents in "single page" format. Click here to get our awesome InDesign Export Settings so you can send us the perfect file.

What's the best way to get a quote?

Visit our quote page! It takes 5-10 minutes but it's worth it. https://www.nonstopprinting.com/quote/

We created a special quote form which guides you through the process to ask important questions to help your project go smoothly.

How much do custom books cost?

It varies a lot depending on size, page count, papers, non print friendly artwork, custom features, amount of  service required, and turnaround time. 

Can I print 1 book?

We can but it does cost a lot since we go through a massive 88 point checklist in order to make sure custom book projects turn out well. The minimum a single custom book costs is $250. Here's a standard quote to show you how pricing decreases as quantity increases.

Does ordering more help pricing?

Definitely. It takes a lot of up front work to make a great book. Once we set it up we're just printing more so you're paying more for time and materials.

Here's an example of how quantity affects price.

Custom Book Pricing Example

Remember that this is only one very specific example of a book quote. There are many ways to both increase and decrease the price of our custom books.

Perfect Bound Book 
Full Color 
Final closed size: 5.5W x8.5H. Open: 11W x 8.5H 
Cover Stock: Soft touch Matte Laminated Cover on 100# Cover 
Interior Stock: 100# Satin Text 
Page count: 100 ( How we determine page count.)

Add tax to all prices. 
1:$293 ($293/book) 
5:$344 ($68.8/book) 
10:$402 ($40.2/book) 
15:$460 ($30.66/book) 
25:$612 ($24.48/book) 
50: $904 ($18.08/book) 
100: $1325 ($13.25/book) 
200: $1993 ($9.97/bok) 
300: $2713 ($9.04/book) 
500: $4068 ($8.14/book) 
750: $5746 ($7.66/book) 
1000: $7524 ($7.52/book)

The above pricing is only 1 specific quote for our books. There are many ways to increase and decrease the price of a custom book.

Can I see samples?

For sure! Check out our instagram and stop by!


Click here to learn about visiting Nonstop Printing

How come your prices are higher than online vendors?

Typically our prices are higher than online vendors because we don't automate and we do not batch our custom book printing. 

We don't automate: Your project is reviewed by a team member rather than going through software only.

We don't batch: Your book project gets individual attention rather than sharing it with other books. 

We check a lot of stuff: You can nerd out by checking out our checklist from 2 years ago. It's evolved a bit but this gives you a good idea of what we do. Click here to download Nonstop Printing's internal book checklist. 

All this is fantastic but it takes a lot of time and effort for each custom book job we do.

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