Guide to USPS Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF)

Guide to USPS Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF)

What is a PAF?

The PAF (Processing Acknowledgement Form) is required by USPS to verify the ower of mailing address lists. This is the USPS way to track where mail spam is coming from if needed.

What do I need to do to submit this?

Nonstop Printing makes it easy. We'll send you an email witha  request to sign off on it. It'll be an email from "smartsoft". We just need your signature saying that your company is the authorized list owner for this mailing.

There's one area that we're working to improve and it's the signature section. When you see the box below just click on the field and type your name. Then press submit.

Additional information about PAFs

The Processing Acknowledgement Form (PAF) is a required form by the United States Postal Service. Therefore, TrueNCOA is required to maintain a PAF for our customers to stay compliant with the Privacy Act of 1974.

USPS provides change of address information through the use of NCOA processing. For this reason, they identify mailers through the PAF.  The PAF indicates that mailers, like you, understand that the use of the COA data is restricted. In addition, licensees are also protected by the PAF if a mailer abuses the intended use of the product.

View a sample form here to learn more about the data collected by Nonstop Printing.

Click here for the official USPS guide on PAFs. 

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