How to Outline Text in Illustrator and InDesign

How to Outline Text in Illustrator and InDesign

In Illustrator, right click on the text box and click on "create outlines".

In Indesign, select the text to outline. On the menu bar click "Type", then click "Create Outlines".

What is outlining text?

Outlining text is created by converting text made using fonts (in any word processing software) and converting it into vector based artwork.

Why does Nonstop Printing request it?

The most common issue we have working with native artwork is missing fonts. Most of the time we work with PDF files but in some instances, we use native files for specialty jobs. In order to modify text, we either need all of the fonts used to create the file, or you can create outlines.

How to identify elements in your file that are text vs outlined.

In the image below you can select the text and alter it. This will not work if we do not have the fonts.

It will look like this if we're missing fonts.

So once you outline the font (since you have them on your computer, it'll look like this.

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