The 300% test to objectively evaluate resolution.

The 300% test to objectively evaluate resolution.

We've found that the most accurate way to determine resolution challenges within a file is to do the 300% test. It's a simple 2 step process.
  1. Ensure the document size is at the desired final trim size. 
    This step is important. If we receive a file that is 8.5x11 and you want to expand the file to 24x36, your resolution will decrease drastically. On the other hand, if your file is 24x36 and you only need it 8.5x11, then your file has a good chance of being high resolution once we shrink it.
  2. Zoom in 300% within that document. 
    Once we print, that is what our eyes will be able to detect when looking at the print  6 inches away from the eye. If the resolution looks OK at 300%, then it'll print well.

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