Pantone Colors and How to Assign them In Illustrator

Pantone Colors and How to Assign them In Illustrator

This is a video on how to assign Pantone colors in illustrator as well as when to use Pantone and spot colors in files.

Here's the timestamps for the video:
0:30​ Weaknesses of CMYK values
1:00​ Why we cannot standardize CMYK values in print
1:20​ Example of CMYK color challenge
2:00​ CMYK values are good starting point, but that's it. The color shifts too much on any printing device.
2:40​ What Nonstop Printing needs to do to hit critical colors.
4:20​ It takes 20-40 minutes for us to line out each spot color in a file. Only use this method when color is critical. It does cost more.
5:20​ Your pantone color selection should NOT be chosen by looking at a screen. Use a certified Pantone Coated (for coated papers) and Pantone Uncoated (for uncoated papers) to make final color decisions.
5:35​ How people from across the world can get on the same page about specific colors. Both should have a pantone swatch book.

File Setup
6:05​ How do you turn a color into a spot color?
6:20​ Discussion around separations preview.
6:45​ How to access the pantone color book within Illustrator (In inDesign
7:10​ Discussion about pantone solid vs pantone uncoated.
7:45​ Great example of the 2 pantone books you need for print. 
8:25​ Why a U or a C is needed after the pantone color number.
8:55​ How to choose and move the color to use.
9:15​ In file, difference between pantone vs cmyk color.
9:35​ Why we have more control over the color when spot colors are assigned. It takes time, so only do this when color is critical. It does cost more.
10:30​ Common mistakes when working with spot colors. Assigning different colors to to stroke and the fill.

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