Premium Cover Materials

Premium Cover Materials

There are a plethora of materials to choose from but we do have order minimums. If we have to custom order it'll be a minimum of $200 for material costs alone. We do not have a database of colors in stock just yet so here's the best way to let us know what you're interested in.

The general method is to let us know what material you like based on clicking on the links below and then giving us your top 3 options in order or your priority. Some materials may not be available so this helps us give you answers more quickly.

Here's what we currently have available for Verona

How to let us know what you'd like

When you email us your selection it should look something like this:

Hi I like the arlington line :

    1. Priority 1 - 66502 Vellum
    2. priority 2 - 61455 Linen
    3. priority 3 - 66527 Vellum

Material Options

You'll see that there are a ton of other options. The three options we have below we have tried. Anything new that we try will likely cost a significant amount for us to order and test.


  1. some water resistance
  2. silky linen feel
  3. foil stamps really well
  1. not as dry and textured as Brillianta or Verona


  1. textured and very uncoated feeling. 
  1. not very water resistant
  2. very difficult to foil stamp. foil stamp costs will likey be higher due to multiple passes on our stamping machine.
  3. harder to get details for foil stamping


  1. textured and very uncoated feeling. 
  1. higher minimum order if we don't have it in stock
  2. difficult to stamp
  3. details hard to stamp

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