Smyth Sewing (Signature Sewing)

Smyth Sewing (Signature Sewing)

We do not provide Smyth sewing or other threaded sewing. We do print for ultra premium bookbinders (costs with them start at $200+)

Things to know when printing.

  1. Figure out the number of pages per signature you want. 
    1. paper thickness- bookbinders typically strongly prefer 80# uncoated text or 100# coated text.
    2. paper grain direction - we're limited with options here. most of the time our grain direction will go against the binding style since the 13x19 paper we run is long grain by default. This is why we recommend no thicker than 80# text
    3. page count: 
      1. the standard is 16 pages. 80# uncoated text/ 100# coated text
      2. 12 pages is the minimum we recommend. 80# uncoated text/ 100# coated text
      3. 20 is the most we recommend. 70# uncoated text or 80# coated text
  2. Once you have your answers here, your document should be divisible by whatever your signature is.
    1. example - 16 page signature book block should have a total page count of 16, 32, 64, 112 etc
  3. Make sure to let us know how how many pages you have in each signature and that you want signature style printing
  4. We do not fold or crease pages. You will need to do this on your own.

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