Solid Backgrounds and Halftone Flood Coat Challenges

Solid Backgrounds and Halftone Flood Coat Challenges

We typically have trouble hitting these light halftones because it only takes a 1% difference in a CMYK build for the color to shift. Our presses cannot handle the tolerance that is required to keep the colors consistent.

That means 2 things when working with Nonstop Printing:
  1. It costs significantly more for us to manage these projects. It takes us an average of 3x the amount of time to get our press to the level required to print well. This will drive up the cost of the project.
  2. If we're printing this project again in the future and you would like the color to be similar to the previous run, we would need the target. It does take us more time to try to color match as well so there would be an additional cost for that as well.
This is a challenge for many print companies so we advise avoiding these type of design elements all together.

Here's an example of color drift that is within our normal print tolerance but that also may not meet our client's expectations. For this project, we are holding a sample for future use and we budget extra time to make the background look consistent from card to card.

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