Standard File Requirements for Print

Standard File Requirements for Print

  • PDF files
  • 300 DPI
  • .125" Bleed
  • .125" Margins (.25" for books)
  • Text should be rasterized (text in Photoshop will not print crisply)
  • If putting in crop marks, offset the crop marks to .125"
For more information click the link to see what kind of print Keeps The Nonstop Team Up at Night.

Raster Vs Vector

Raster format is typically seen and used  in Photoshop. Also known as bitmap graphics, raster images are made up of tiny rectangular pixels which are arranged in a grid. One way to tell if an image is raster is that if an image looks a little fuzzy, zoom into that fuzzy area as much as you can and you will start to see the grid. 

If an image is Vector, no matter how close you zoom in, the color will always look solid. Edges will look smooth whether they are straight or curved! This is because the imavge is made up of points lines and curves rather than a solid square of color.


InDesign is the best for projects that contain both text and images. For free Indesign, templates click here

Images Only

Photoshop is the best for manipulating images.
We do not advise putting text in photoshop as it will not print as clearly.


Illustrator is great for vector graphics. If you're using more advanced print techniques we recommend outlining your text so that we don't need any of your fonts to print the document. Clients have also had success with art made in Procreate! Just make sure you send the final art as a PDF!

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