Using Output Preview to Check Spot Colors

Using Output Preview to Check Spot Colors

This is one of our most used tools for more technical projects. Using output preview helps us quickly determine if a file is set up correctly for spot color processes.

Requirements: Adobe Acrobat and a PDF file.

  1. Open adobe acrobat and select tools on the top left corner (Acrobat CC).
  2. Open Print Production
  3. On the right side, select "Output Preview"
  4. The window on the right should open. This window tells you the CMYK and spot color makeup of the file. You can hover over the  art to determine the color makeup. In this example, when the cursor is hoovered over any part of the image, we have the following color makeup. 
  5. With this artwork, the client wants a metallic rose gold effect (not foil). For this process we use a layer of silver ink and then apply color on top of the silver. In the example above, the color assignment is incorrect. The Silver value should be at 100%. If we print this file, the silver ink would not be applied.

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