How to Change a Spot Color to a Process Color

How to Change a Spot Color to a Process Color

Why change from a spot color to process color?

You'll get your project done more economically and more quickly without spot colors. This is a great option if you aren't color critical about the pantone colors you selected. If you generally want us to get around that color then you can save time and money by converting colors to process. 

How to know if there's a spot color in your file

We'll either point it out in our report or you can see it yourself if you have Adobe Acrobat Pro (below).
  1. In tools, search for "Output Preview"
  2. You'll see what colors the file's using in output preview. In this example, it's using PANGONE 5497 U. You can see which elements are using the color by unselecting the checkbox for that color.

How to change a spot color to a process color in illustrator or inDesgin

  1. Open the file in illustrator or InDesign.
  2. select the swatches pallet in the windows menu
  3. select the element you want to change
  4. change the Color Type to "Process Color" instead of Spot Color

Video explanation

Long video with explanations

Quick screenshot using InDesign or illustrator

Confused about our approach to color?

If you want to learn more about how we approach color at Nonstop Printing, click on the link below.

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