Set up your Adobe Color Settings to gain control of your color workflow.

Set up your Adobe Color Settings to gain control of your color workflow.

Read Me First

Excellent color management is like exercise. You cannot just set it and forget it - it takes constant management. First decide how intense you'd like to get around color:
  1. Easy Conservative Color
    This is more of a set it and forget it option. It uses the default RGB ICC profile when you first install Acrobat. For CMYK, we selected the profile that we think most closely matches to the screen. RGB elements will be in a slightly smaller color gamut than our print devices can reach but you will have the best chance at having more color accurate output with these settings.
  2. High Color Awareness
    If you describe yourself as color critical and want to maximize the quality of the print output, select this. It's more work but also gives you the most control (once you understand what each section represents and how to fix potential issues).
You'll want to follow the steps below even if you want more of a set it and forget it approach. Once you do that, you'll get decent color even if you do nothing beyond this article. If however, you want the brightest colors and the best nuanced details, you'll want to dive into 4-5 more articles to get to the next level of color awareness.


How to install Color Settings into Creative Cloud apps all at the same time

  1. If you are choosing to use the High Color Awareness color settings, you need to install the Gracol 2013 CRCP6 ICC first.
    How to install Gracol 2013 CRCP6. If you want easy color management, go straight to step 2.
  2. If you have creative cloud, install Adobe Bridge. If not, you'll need to do it individually in each program.
  3. Download our two color settings by clicking here. You will place the files into a specific folder in the next step.
  4. Go to the Adobe Bridge app. Then go to the top and go to "Edit" - "Color Settings". Then click the button on the bottom right.

  5. Place the two files you downloaded in step 2 into that folder.
  6. Now you can see the two Nonstop Printing options. Review the information we have in the section called "What are Color Settings in Adobe?" to determine which option fits you best.
  7. Select that option and click "Apply". 
This will set all of your Adobe apps to have the same color settings so you can have more control of your color.

If you are choosing to use the High Color Awareness color settings, you need to install the Gracol 2013 CRCP6 ICC or you will have color issues.
How to install Gracol 2013 CRCP6

But if you can only print CMYK, what's the best way for me to predict what will happen when you actually print?

If you have the money, print a proof. Proofs start at $100. If you print a book project beyond $5,000 total, we include a unbound proof set complimentary. 

If you don't or don't wanna spend the money, then use Output Preview and set the simulation profile to "Gracol 2013 CRCP6" or "Coated Gracol 2006" in Adobe Acrobat Pro. It's included if you  have a creative cloud membership. 

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