What the file checkup cannot catch.

What the file checkup cannot catch.

The file checkup is an incredible tool to help produce the best quality product, but it can't catch everything. The proof file helps catch some of these things.

Digital Proof

Actual Book

Proof File

This is the first PDF file you'll see in the folder we share. Look at it in Adobe Acrobat only.

Here's what you need to catch in order for your project to go well:
  1. Do the flow of the book make sense? Do the spreads line up the way you expect?
  2. Is there artwork that is lost in the hinge of the book. Check the inside front and inside back cover to see if the artwork looks too cut off. You lose about .25" on both sides of the page.
  3. Is any critical part of the artwork in the center of the spine? Things that are particularly strongly discouraged is having faces or text in the spine. It will not look good
  4. does the flow of the book make sense? do the spreads make sense?

Predicting Color

For designs that use bright colors that are outside the CMYK spectrum, if you haven't already, use Output Preview to have a better idea of our print limits.

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